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Travelconsent.org – launched by Swedish Foreign Affairs Group

Foto: Travelconsent.org 

Swedish Foreign Affairs Group is now launching international services via www.travelconsent.org, which is a website with services for children travelling abroad. When you take minors on a trip abroad, it is a decision that concerns the children, which is why this decision is directly the responsibility of the parents. By keeping all documents in order, children can travel safely.

In order for a minor to be able to travel safely and securely, it is important to follow certain rules and requirements that countries and airlines have. One of the requirements of many countries and airlines is that the child can present a parental consent letter. This document must be presented before entering a country or before the child boardes an aircraft.

Order a parental consent letter here
If a child is to travel alone, with only one parent or with someone other than the parents, for example an uncle, grandmother, relative, friend, you can order a parental consent letter here.
Citizens from all over the world can order this international document “child travel permit”. Present the parental consent letter at the bordercheck or to the airline before departure.
How the Travelconsent.org service works

To make it as smooth as possible for children who will travel around the world, Swedish Foreign Affairs Group is now launching an international service in several different languages. On the website www.travelconsent.org, people from all over the world, regardless of nationality, can order a parental consent letter to be presented to authorities, border controls or airlines when children are travelling.

With the new international tool on the website www.travelconsent.org, parents can quickly and safely order the right documents. The parental consent letter will be delivered the minute after payment in a PDF-printable file to the customer which is sent to the e-mail address. Regardless of where in the world the customer is located, it is now possible to order a parental consent.

Why is the service offered?

When minors travel alone, with only one parent or with someone other than their parents, many countries and airlines have a requirement to see a permit showing that the parents have approved the trip. This requirement exists, among other things, to protect children, combat trafficking in children, prevent violations of family law and avoid complicated international legal disputes, as well as reduce cases of child abduction in custody disputes.

Due to increasing cases of child abduction in custody disputes and a growing number of children who fall victim to, among other things, human trafficking, border controls, airlines or tour operators may ask you to provide a parental consent letter if your child travels internationally with only one parent, with another adult – as a grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc, or alone.

The service tool at travelconsent.org is available to make it easier for travelers travelling with children. Instead of encountering problems with border controls, travelconsent.org simplifies the process of entering another country. Parental consent letter is also a great help for the countries’ border controls. By taking responsibility as a parent, you give your child a safe journey.

Child trafficking is a major problem in the world

Child trafficking occurs when children are removed from safety and then exploited. Children who fall victim to trafficking are often forced into some form of work, used for sex or simply sold. Trafficking is part of the process from finding and recruiting children, to transporting and receiving them. Men, women and children all over the world are victims of human trafficking, but children are particularly vulnerable

Over the years, more and more countries and airlines have drawn attention to the problems of child trafficking and are now asking for parental consent. The document is not the answer to all problems with child trafficking, but it is a tool that helps countries and airlines to keep track of who is traveling with which child. By introducing stricter controls on minors’ travel documents, travel plans and permits from parents before they travel to or from a country, gives authorities the opportunity to protect children much better.