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Refers to country: Thailand

Swedes visiting the tourist resort of Pattaya in Thailand need to pay special attention to the widespread corruption of the Thai police in Pattaya.

A large number of Swedish citizens have complained that the Thai police threaten and harass holiday celebrations in such a way that tourists are forced to come to the police station for urine tests without any suspicion of crime.

There are also routine checks where police force all passersby to submit urine samples in a cup.

The Swedish Foreign Group has also received information that foreign citizens who have not been able to submit urine samples or have not had the opportunity to urinate have been forced by the Thai police in Pattaya to have their feet in a tub of ice-cold water.

The arrangement the Thai police in Pattaya have is to frighten Swedish holiday celebrations to pay a bribe whether they have committed a crime or not.

So far, The Swedish Foreign Group wants to warn you about trips to the tourist resort Pattaya.