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When ordering a parental consent, you need to fill in all the information contained in the order form. Click on “proceed to order” to step in all information.

A Parental consent is a consent to travel for a child if he or she is to:
-travel alone
-travel with a parent
-travel with another person

The parent consent is issued by Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB with the consent of
-a parent if this has sole custody of the child
-both parents

The parental consent applies to a travel period and a child. If there are several children who are going to travel, you must order a parental consent per child. A Parental consent is issued for single children traveling, children traveling with adults who are not their custodians or if a child is traveling with a parent.

The parental consent is signed by staff at Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB. Two elective persons over the age of 18 must also testify to the guardian (s) ‘s signatures in the parental notice.

A parental consent is a proxy for travel with children and / or travel with the children of others. The parental consent you receive from us is in English and Swedish in one and the same document.

Our parental consent also applies to children travelling alone.

Child flying alone? Our parental consent also applies to children flying alone.

The parental consent you receive from us is in English and Swedish in one and the same document.

In order to receive a parental consent from Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB, the price is SEK 450.

Ordering is not binding if you choose not to pay. Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB will not send out reminders or debt collection claims.

Delivery of payment documents is made to the customer’s e-mail address and payment documents appear in the form when the order has been sent to Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB.

Our certificates have a limited period of validity.

That is, the certificate only applies to one trip.

The parental consent will be delivered to the e-mail address you specify in your order.

A Parental consent is a document containing compiled information that has been provided by the guardian (s) to Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB when a child is to travel. The document shows and compiles information about the destination, the traveling information of the traveling children, the guardian / guardians’ personal data, if any. travel company personal information, guardian / guardian’s signatures, signature of staff at Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB and witnessing signatures of two optional persons over 18 years of age.

The parental consent shows that the child has the right to travel in the manner specified by the custodian (s) of the parent’s order. A parental consent can be presented in case of doubt and questions arise regarding the child’s journey.

It is the responsibility of the guardian / guardians to check whether a parental consent is needed for entry or departure in another country. Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB only compiles the information specified in the order for a document. It is also important to be aware that when you sign a form of honor and conscience it means that you certify that the information is complete and true.

A parental consent can be presented upon entry to another country at passport control if such a question arises. With a parental consent certificate, parents can jointly make decisions on matters concerning the child’s journey.

A parental consent applies to children under 18.

For trips with children we recommend that you contact the embassy to the country the child is going to travel. If a country regulates children’s travel, the embassy will be able to respond to this. Different rules apply to different countries.

Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB issues a parent consent and all information that will be included in the parent consent is shown in the form when ordering. All information provided is a document that shows that the guardian (s) gives consent that the child may travel in the manner specified in the order.

If the custodian (s) wishes, it is possible to make a separate document showing that the custodian (s) consents to the child’s journey. Then remember to include all information such as information about the destination, date of departure and departure, personal data for the child and the guardian / guardians personal data and any other necessary information.

Consumers who wish to order a parental consent from Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB should check with the recipient country if our issuing parental consent is accepted otherwise the consent may be ineffective.

The right of withdrawal is valid for 14 days. To use the right of withdrawal please e-mail us at info@utrikesgruppen.se

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