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For those who want to move abroad you can order a form here for this purpose. The form is free of charge and is not provided by the Foreign Office. We have created a form for those who want to move abroad and want to have the form sent to your e-mail address free of charge.

If you plan to live abroad for a year or more, you must report it to the Swedish Tax Agency. The same is true if you plan to stay for a short time but then extend your stay to a year or more. The notification of relocation abroad must then be completed and submitted to the Swedish Tax Agency.

If you move to another Nordic country, you must report a move in the other Nordic country.

All services provided by Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB and through the website are fully represented in private. Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB is not an embassy or consulate, nor has it been assigned the services found on the site, but instead the company acts on a private basis with its own private funds and special economic and political interests.

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