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Travel guide: Montenegro

Montenegro (Black Mountains), a small country in the Balkans with a very large variety of mountains, sea, beaches, rivers, ski slopes. Almost endless with attractions. Montenegro caters to all types of tourists from the family of children to backpackers. There is something for everyone in this wonderful country and you can reach everything within an hour’s drive. Practically!

For the business-oriented, there are several business opportunities with low taxes. More on this at the bottom of the article.

Montenegro has grown rapidly as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and it is not difficult to understand why.

Montenegriner is a friendly and correct people. They are happy to help tourists and this country is one of the safest tourist destinations.

From Sweden there are direct flights to Montenegro!

Most tourists first end up in or around Budva. Budva is the most visited city in all of Montenegro. A wonderful coastal town. However, we already want to urge you not to stay in this city for too long as Montenegro has so much more to offer. If you choose to stay in Budva a larger part of your trip, you have a large selection in this city. Parties, nightlife, beaches, luxury hotels and lots and lots of other things. You will not be disappointed

Continue to Kotor, Tivat (Porto Montenegro), Herceg Novi. Cities that can be described as a living museum. Beautiful crystal clear waters that you can swim in, wonderful restaurants, churches that are out on small islands, these cities that are on UNESCO’s list are definitely worth a visit. Sit in a beautiful restaurant by the crystal clear waters and taste the wonderful Montenegrin food. Food appreciated by all visitors to Montenegro is the famous dish cevapcici. Cevapcici is cooked in most of the Balkans and is a national dish. Cevapcici can never go wrong with a wonderful day in Montenegro.

Want some more adventure? There are several options for those adventurous tourists. Visit the Tara River! Known as one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. There are several activities on offer on this river. Go down the river in a cone or hang in a zipline. The offerings change and it is good to hear with local guides what activities are offered when you visit the Tara River.

Are you craving paragliding? This activity is offered down by the coastal towns. Contact local guides and they will be more than happy to help.

In Montenegro there are several ski resorts up in the mountains. One of the better ones you will find in Kolasin 1450. Cheap and good. Rent skis cheaply and buy ski passes cheaply.

Montenegro is a Christian country where all are called Orthodox as Montenegrins belong to the Orthodox branch of Christianity. One of the most beautiful churches you will find in Montenegro. Ostrog Church is incredibly beautiful and worth a visit. The church was built in a mountain and can be described as a fabulous church. In the vicinity of Ostrog Church there are incredible views. Visit Hotel Sokoline and view the Montenegrin mountains.

The capital of Podgorica is the center of the economic. Montenegro wants to move forward financially and more than happy to do business with the whole world. Newly formed companies in Montenegro are prosperous and there is a low tax burden that allows companies to develop without pressure from the authorities. Foreign companies that choose to establish themselves in Montenegro have many advantages. The climate, the economy and a wonderful country to venture into. The disadvantage should be mentioned the journey now. Montenegro is constantly evolving and sometimes the authorities may not keep up with it, which results in some longer processing times than you are used to, but in the end you get a result that is much better than you expected.

Don’t miss the opportunity in Montenegro. Here you get value for money.