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If you need an interpreter or translator, we can help you find an alternative for you and at the same time give you a quote, you can then calmly go through our proposal. If interested, you can accept our proposal to get your assignment done.

We work with interpreters and translators, which means that we can create a tailor-made assignment just for the services you need to get done and fairly quickly in addition.

Fill out the form and describe what you need help with and choose your language.

We only send out quotations that need to be accepted before work commences.

Ordering is not binding and if our offer is not accepted, no action needs to be taken. No reminders or debt collection claims will be sent to the affected person.

If the offer is accepted, we will send payment documents to the customer’s email address.

The right of withdrawal is valid for 14 days. To use the right of withdrawal please e-mail us at info@utrikesgruppen.se

All services provided by Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB and through the website are fully represented in private. Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB is not an embassy or consulate, nor has it been assigned the services found on the site, but instead the company acts on a private basis with its own private funds and special economic and political interests.

Welcome to Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB, Corporate.no 559210-2445, a Swedish limited liability company based in Stockholm.