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Information about parental consent

A parental consent can be presented upon departure or entry to another country. With a parental consent, the custodian can make decisions on matters concerning the childs personal affairs during a trip. Parental consent can also be used for cruise travel.

Parental consent is issued in English and Swedish in the same document so it can be readable worldwide.

If children travel alone, with adults who are not their custodians or with just one parent, you may bring additional documents that prove their right to travel and that have been signed by the parent, the other parent or the guardian(s).

Each country has different rules when children travel abroad. Some countries require authorization from guardians when traveling with children. Each country’s rules can also be changed without warning. Before booking your trip, we recommend that you contact local authorities or the country’s embassy or consulate directly for children’s travel rules.

Additional requirements for minors

Special travel documents may be required for minors, depending on which country a minor will travel to and from. Some countries require authorization from parents or guardians to show that the child’s journey is “approved”.

Permits may be required either at entry or exit from the country. In order to find out if a parent’s consent is required of a country, you need to contact local authorities in the country to which the child will travel or alternatively you should contact the embassy directly.

Parental advisory forms are provided by Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB and include, among other things, the custodians’ consent for a child’s journey.

Common rules for Swedish charter and airlines

Different airlines have different rules but by default and of the information that is readable on their websites, the rules below apply for travel with minors. Please note that some charter and airline companies have their own parental consents that you can fill out for travel with children and that must be presented before departure.

Youth 12-17 years

If a youth is between 12-17 years old, a certificate is usually required to travel without a guardian.

Children 6-11 years

If a child is between 6-11 years old, a certificate is required almost exclusively for traveling without guardians. For a child who is traveling without adult companionship, there are many airlines that do not alove children who are unaccompanied to travel. Many airlines also have an extra charge for the service to be able to accompany a child. The service means that the airline ensures that the child gets company through the entire security check at the airport as well as to the gate and boarding of the aircraft. The child also gets help during any stopovers, luggage, through customs and passport control. Once in the destination country, the child will be handed over to the person who is the recipient fellow traveler who has been specified in the parental consent certificate.

Children 0-6 years

If a child is under the age of 6, he or she may not travel without an adult. A certificate will be required from the guardians. For a child who is between 0-2 years old, it is extra important to remember to specify the correct age for the child in the booking.

Common rules for cruises

It is common for children to travel alone on regular departures with their parents ‘or guardians’ written travel permit. Contact the shipping company you are traveling with for rules regarding travel permits. For cruise trips abroad, this applies to the country’s rules to travel to and possibly to the shipping company having its own rails, which is common. Contact the country’s local authorities or the embassy for the country the child will be traveling to for more information on what applies to trips with children on cruises. It may also be good to contact the shipping company before booking your trip to be sure if a parental notification is required before departure.