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Copy of passport

When ordering a passport copy, you need to fill in all the information contained in the order form. Click on “proceed to order” where you need to fill in all the information.

When an order is placed we will digitally store a scanned or photographed copy of your passport for your safety and convenience, for example if your passport should disappear, be stolen or damaged.

You can request your passport copy from us at any time during your travel period.

A copy of your passport is a scanned or photographed copy of your original passport. The pages of your passport showing your profile picture and and containing other information about you should be scanned or photographed. The copy of your passport is then stored digitally at Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB.

In the image you can see an example of how your passport should be scanned or photographed. All information must be clearly visible with the best possible resolution.

Delivery of payment documents is made to the customer’s e-mail address and payment documents appear in the form when the order has been sent to Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB.

When we digitally store your copy of your passport at Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB, the cost is SEK 295.

Ordering is not binding if you choose not to pay. Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB will not send out reminders or debt collection claims.

For your safety, we will delete your copy of the passport the day after your travel period is over. This means that you can only request your passport copy during the time of your trip.

Deletion of your digital passport copy will take place the day after the date you specified as your return date. You enter your travel dates in the order form.

The duration of the service is valid throughout your travel period. However, only a maximum of 90 days.

Your copy of passport will be delivered to the e-mail address you provided in your order. You can only request that we send you a copy of your passport during your travel period.

When we receive your passport documents, they will be stored electronically in a secure digital environment.

The right of withdrawal is valid for 14 days. To use the right of withdrawal please e-mail us at info@utrikesgruppen.se

All services provided by Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB and through the website are fully represented in private. Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB is not an embassy or consulate, nor has it been assigned the services found on the site, but instead the company acts on a private basis with its own private funds and special economic and political interests.

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