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Content marketing with Utrikesgruppen

It´s easy to work with Utrikesgruppen (the Swedish Foreign Affairs Group). Let us attract your target audience! We set up a strategy for your goals. Let your publications appear in our newsroom. Your message should charm and appeal to your potential customers with content that is of interest, fun to read and relevant, where we can best create effective communication that benefits you.

Remember that your potential customers are our own readers, which means that we want to reach out with content that our readers will enjoy and can trust. We take care of our readers with the little extra. We want our readers to have access to entertaining and enjoyable reading.

The Swedish Foreign Affairs group has already built up a strong internal channel and does not need to look for other channels where your content can be seen. We are the right path for you who want to be seen in the Swedish Foreign Group’s platform that shows information about all countries in the world, including news and travel guides, visa requirements, travel tips and information about destinations, jobs and investment opportunities in other countries.

The editorial content is produced by our foreign consultants who are an association of people from different backgrounds with solid experience in security, information and analysis of the political and economic developments in the world. All foreign consultants have a wonderful interest in tourism. In total, our foreign consultants have made personal visits to almost all countries in the world, which has given us a good insight into how the world and in particular how local locations in different countries work.

Utrikesgruppen.se and the websites visitors are mostly Swedes who are traveling abroad and people who are interested in reading news, attractions in other countries and travel tips. Swedes who seek information about countries to which they should travel, such as visa requirements and other important information that they wish to read about, for example before their trip.

Swedes travel extensively and to many countries

With the Swedish Foreign Affairs Group you can reach out to our readers who are mostly Swedes. The Swedes not only travel frequently, but have also visited quite a few countries. As many as 54 percent of the population has been in more than 11 countries. The Swedes are a naturally curious people who have often traveled extensively.

Our base of readers is thus a strong target group for you who want to market your services. When you market with us you get access to a world-wide and an inspiring people who always want to discover new countries and places.

– First we create, then we formulate what is ultimately to be distributed. With our content marketing you can be seen directly in our channels, in our newsroom!

We publish and create content articles for airlines, travel companies, hotels, restaurants and other companies in the tourism industry. With a smart strategy, editorial tone and different professional languages (depending on what content we create), we broadcast communication content that attracts the target audience.

Prices and information on publishing

We work from creation to publication at utrikesgruppen.se in the newsroom with a full article. What is included?

Heading – should capture the reader and show what the article is about.

The preamble – will develop the title, summarize and attract the reader further.

Sub-headings – helps the reader’s gaze to orient themselves.

Body text – is the usual text and usually needs to be divided into pieces.

Caption – should be factual for the reader’s interest as well as for getting higher in search engines.

Image – would you like to attach your own desired image? It works just fine. If you do not have access to pictures, we have many photos to choose from.

Publication of article and article writing takes place at a fixed price

A full page article with heading, preamble, sub-headings, body text, caption and image is included.

12500 SEK or $ 1310 USD, regardless of research.

Contact the Swedish Foreign Affairs Group via email to order content marketing: info@utrikesgruppen.se