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Parental Consent

For those who are traveling with children abroad and need a certificate. We help with parental consent for you who are traveling with a minor child.

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Copy of passport

When you travel and need to store a copy of your passport, for your safety if your passport should disappear, be stolen or damaged.

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Travelling card

Here you can order a travel card issued by Svenska Utrikesgruppen AB. A travelling card for those who want to note important information.

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Trouble abroad?

Have you been in trouble abroad? To facilitate our work by telling us what has happened, we can inform other Swedes about the event.

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Visa requirements

For those of you who are traveling abroad and are Swedish citizens, we have prepared a list of visa requirements that apply to entry in all countries of the world.

External service

Find information about all the countries in the world. Search by country or browse in alphabetical order.

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Current warnings

Warnings for Swedes who are abroad. Here you will find current warnings that we extend to Swedes who are abroad.

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Get in touch with an interpreter or translator in any language for the assignments you need to get done. We help you find the right one.

Moving abroad

If you are moving abroad you can order a form for this purpose free of charge. We will mail the form to the e-mail address you specify in the order.

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Power of attorney – Driving vehicle abroad

Are you traveling abroad with someone else’s vehicle? Order a power of attorney here. Fill out the step-by-step form.

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